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Frank Bedell Memorial Scholarship Fund

Join us in remembering talented Creative Learner, athlete, and musician Frank Bedell
as we celebrate his legacy through an annual scholarship award.
The Young Audiences Charter Schools (YACS) family tragically lost high school student Frank Bedell to violence during the Fall of 2020. Frank’s friends and family describe him as a talented rapper and musician who was humble, loyal, successful, a leader, and funny.  

To honor his memory and celebrate his life, the Frank Bedell Memorial Scholarship will be awarded annually to a YACS graduating senior who has demonstrated exceptional talent in their art form and exemplifies Frank’s leadership and kindness. Applicants will answer how they have exemplified these qualities and submit a letter of recommendation to be adjudicated by a review panel. The winning student will receive $1,000 toward their college education.
“Frank was my real brother," said his brother Jordan. "He really meant the world to me and my family; I looked up to him, and I still do to this day. Frank and I have been through a lot of things together, and he’s been there to guide me through a lot of decisions. I’m so thankful Frank was my big brother.”
Student artists will be nominated for the scholarship by arts pathways teachers and selected by the scholarship committee. Please click the scholarship application link above to access the form.

“As an artist, he was very talented and confident. He was a great songwriter who made his listeners feel connected to his message. I was so impressed by his drive in pursuing a music career at such an early age.  But to remember Frank is to remember his dream of creating music full-time past school. He was already a professional musician and was very disciplined in his craft at such a young age. I hope his dream is one as contagious as his smile!”

-Renee Benson

Teaching Artist